The Sasser family of businesses has thrived for decades on a solid foundation of common goals and core principles. These doctrines, which include integrity, quality, and a strong customer-focus, resonate throughout each of Sasser Family Holdings’ subsidiaries in all day-to-day operations.


Within this sound framework CF Asia Pacific embodies a visionary and innovative approach. We strive to inspire ourselves, our own subsidiaries, and our partners to grow, evolve, and both pursue and create future opportunities.


Providing leadership in the transportation industry through the delivery of innovative and visionary services to our customers.


  1. We will never compromise our integrity.
    Respect, commitment, and accountability at every level and in every interaction.
  2. Our only product is superior customer service.
    Superior customer service is critical to our success and the key to long–term partnerships.
  3. We succeed or fail as a team.
    Every contribution from our clients, employees and partners, has value.
  4. We relentlessly seek ways to add value.
    Dedication to quality and safety in every transaction.


Sasser Family Holdings and its subsidiaries embrace a strong belief in the advantages of an inclusive workplace in which individuals of varied backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed, encouraged and given the opportunity to contribute and achieve their full potential.


Ours is a work environment where employees are valued for their distinctive experiences and the strength of their contribution. Read our full Diversity & Inclusion Statement to learn more.



Because we succeed or fail as a team, we encourage an internal system of checks and balances. Read about our Whistle Blower Policy, which helps keep us all in alignment with our collective goals and greater purpose.



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